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About Counselling

What conditions can it help?

What benefits can be expected?

Psychodynamic psychotherapy is based on the premise that conflicts and problems experienced in the present have their roots in the past. We learn our patterns of relating and our emotional vocabulary from our earliest relationships. These patterns from the past affect our current relationships in ways we are usually unaware of. Counselling provides a safe and containing environment in which to explore our thoughts, feelings and behaviour with the possiblity of gaining new insight into their roots, increasing perception and awareness, thereby enabling change in our behaviour towards ourselves and others.

Psychotherapy and Counselling could help if:

  • you feel low, stressed or worried
  • you lack confidence or have feelings of low self-esteem
  • you have suffered bereavement, loss or other trauma
  • you find relationships difficult
  • you seek more understanding of yourself

    Counselling and Psychotherapy can help

  • by offering support in a safe, containing environment
  • by helping to increase self awareness
  • by increasing our understanding of patterns in our relationships through
    exploring their links with the past.

    The counsellor provides a warm, empathetic, safe environment in which to explore deeply personal issues. It is important for the relationship with the therapist to be based on trust and to have a therapist you feel comfortable with. The therapist does not give advice or tell you what to do but reflects back with the aim of increasing clarity and understanding how conflicts arise. The psychotherapist will aim to help you to make your own choices.


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